Knitting with a Purpose: Stories from the Edgemere Knit Wits

Knitting with Purpose at Edgemere_Resident holding her knitted pieceEdgemere residents are putting their hands to work to bless those in need.  


With yarn and knitting needles as their tools of choice, residents of the Dallas senior living community come together to share a favorite hobby: knitting. 


This knitting group has become quite the fixture at Edgemere. Members of the group, the Knit Wits, as they are called, gather regularly to work on knitting projects that keep them connected, inspired, and engaged.


Each project is tied to a greater purpose and offers members meaningful opportunities to give back to causes near and dear to their hearts. Whether knitting hats for infant cardiac patients, helmet liners for U.S. troops, soft knit toys for Ukranian children, or other heartfelt projects, Knit Wit members put great care, concern, and love into each piece.


Recently, members of the Knit Wits group were featured on the Aging Well: Finding Beauty in the Gray podcast. The group was recognized for their passion for knitting, commitment to their craft, and their many acts of service through the years.


Listen to the podcast here!


Hear from Edgemere Knit Wits members, Mary Ann Stover and Donna Powers, as they share a bit about themselves, their love of knitting, and the good work they are doing to make a difference in their community and across the globe.


To learn more about the Knit Wits’ community endeavors, local spotlights, and noteworthy recognition, check out the article below: 


“Edgemere Knit Wits: Spreading Warmth and Support to Infant Cardiology Patients at Children’s Health”


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