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Download our exclusive lifestyle brochure to unveil the extraordinary offerings and unique features that define living at Edgemere. This comprehensive brochure outlines the essence of sophistication and elegance of the community, as you explore the curated features and amenities that continue to make Edgemere the leading retirement community in Dallas.

"I can’t think of a better choice than Edgemere. It really feels like home and not a community."

– Helen E.
Resident at Edgemere

"There is a sense of community here; I love how friendly everyone is. I feel very comfortable and safe living at Edgemere."

– Jean W.
Resident at Edgemere

“Edgemere gives my parents enough freedom to let them live the way they want to and
delegate the things that were starting to get too much for them to take care of.”

Carrie Y.

"Overall, Edgemere is a 5-star experience with beautiful landscaping and buildings.
Then, you come down to lunch and dinner and expect a wonderful meal, and that is our inspiration."

– Alex G.
Director of Culinary Services

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