Residents Find New Life and Love at Edgemere.

Sometimes giving love a chance – or a second chance can make all the difference. 


It did for Edgemere residents, Don and Lorne Spies, who celebrated their fifth anniversary in February after a chance second encounter.


Their story was recently featured in the Preston Hollow Advocate:

Meet cute: A love story at Edgemere Senior Living


Don and Lorne met years ago when living in the same neighborhood in Northwood Hills. They were in their thirties and following separate life paths with different spouses, children, and goals. They just happened to be in the same “new neighbors” group and became acquainted.


What they did not expect was that many years later they would find themselves “new neighbors” once again after moving to Edgemere Senior Living.


Don moved to Edgemere in 2015 following the passing of his wife, and Lorne made the same decision in 2018. The two became reacquainted with each other shortly after, enjoying dinners, conversations, and daily morning walks together. Their relationship began to grow over the months that followed.


Now, at age 89, the two have found that life together brings greater joy. They were married on February 9, 2018, and can’t help but wonder how their lives would be different had they not decided to move to Edgemere. 


“This was certainly something that was totally unexpected,” Don said. “If we had shut the door, I think it would’ve been a big mistake. Keep the door open, and you never know what’s likely to happen.”


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