Revamp Your Workout: Group Fitness Benefits for Seniors

Many seniors love the flexibility of managing their fitness goals from the comfort of their home, but for those looking for greater variety, accountability, motivation, support, and social connection, a group fitness program may offer the perfect fit. 


Edgemere March Senior LivingIn this article, we’ll review a few of the surprising benefits of group fitness for seniors that can help to reinvigorate your workout routine.


A Matter of Preference?


Physical activity and physical exercise are often a matter of preference, especially for those looking to prevent or limit a decline in mobility that can be associated with aging. While some may prefer the privacy of working out alone, others may enjoy the instructor-led support and energy offered by a group fitness environment.


Preferences aside, seniors can achieve optimum benefits when combining group-based exercises with home-based exercises. The following benefits are a few to consider:




Adding variety to any fitness routine has valuable benefits, especially when combined with group-based exercise. Group fitness, through an instructor-led exercise class, a golf outing, a walking club, a runner’s group, or a pickleball game, can bring much-needed variety to a senior’s workout routine. Incorporating different options and practices into an exercise routine can promote the utilization of various muscle groups and help to make fitness goals more sustainable. These practices can provide a healthy perspective for maintaining overall health while providing increased mobility and functioning.




No matter your age, setting realistic fitness goals and sticking to those goals is essential. Unfortunately, for many seniors with limited social interaction, finding a trusted partner who can encourage reaching those goals is vital. Senior fitness classes can be valuable in this way, as they offer multiple options for support and accountability. Having a regularly scheduled fitness class or gathering provides several accountability partners, many of whom are other seniors who share the same goals or interests.




Instructor-led senior fitness classes can offer many advantages for those with new or well-established workout routines. These classes may include assistance and support in modeling and developing proper techniques, helpful modifications, encouragement for building endurance, access to specialized equipment and technology, and one-on-one guidance when needed.


Instructors can serve as a resource for all participants, providing a fun, inclusive, and motivating environment where all skill levels are welcome. Many community centers, YMCAs, and senior centers offer fitness classes for seniors that are a benefit of membership or a free or low-cost option for all community members.


Additionally, independent and assisted senior living communities also offer the benefits of regular group fitness offerings. Group classes, personal instruction, health and wellness facilities, gyms, pools, and fitness clubs are valuable benefits of living in a community.


Social Connection


Connecting with others is essential to maintaining our health and well-being, especially as we grow older. Seniors can benefit from group fitness as it offers community and togetherness around a common goal.


2016 study from the National Library of Medicine looked at the attitudes of older adults in a group-based exercise program and found that besides staying physically fit, social connections and ‘having fun’ were identified as major reasons for participants to join a weekly fitness class. Participants of the study unanimously referred to the social aspects of group-based fitness and commented on the importance of the social atmosphere and staying in touch with fellow participants.


“… they had a good rapport with the group, felt that the presence of their peers motivated them to exercise, and enjoyed each other’s company. In some cases, participants even formed close friendships since they exercised across the years together.”


Researchers stressed the need for social connection to be taken into account when designing interventions promoting physical activity or physical exercise for older adults. The study also noted,


“People need to feel connected to other people and have a sense of belonging. Exercising with peers can motivate them to persevere.”




When discussing senior fitness, there is growing evidence that social support and connection can be an important factor for motivation. Group fitness benefits seniors by creating a network of social support, accountability, and connection which can serve as motivation for showing up and attending classes, following through on home-based exercises, and maintaining a healthier, more active lifestyle.


Alternatively, seniors living alone depend solely on their capabilities and resources to reach fitness goals. For many individuals, motivation drops quickly after beginning an exercise routine and can become difficult to regain.


Study participants felt the social support of the weekly senior fitness classes also kept seniors motivated. Many voiced concern that they would not enjoy exercise as much if they were alone at home without guidance. Some referred to similar experiences with exercise in which they initially adhered to their routine; eventually, however, they failed to maintain their goals, especially when exercising at home without guidance.


Group Fitness & Healthy, Independent Living


Senior fitness classes can help ensure motivation is shared and supported by fellow participants. Ultimately, this dynamic, combined with the benefits of variety, accountability, support, and social connection, can provide more success in managing one’s long-term goals for healthy, independent living.


A senior living community like Edgemere, equipped with a state-of-the-art health and wellness center, makes it easy for seniors to continue their active lifestyles. Edgemere’s fitness and wellness options are just a few of the many amenities and services offered to ensure your experience is exceptional. 


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