What is Luxury Independent Living?

Independent living is one thing, but luxury independent living is quite another. While both options offer safety for seniors who want to live with minimal assistance from others, luxury living takes things a step further by offering premium dining options, activities, and much more.

Spacious Floor Plans

At luxury senior living communities, you can often find larger floor plans for independent and assisted living than you would elsewhere. At Edgemere, a leading luxury senior living community in Dallas, you can find independent floor plans ranging from 2,026 square feet.

Edgemere-Luxury-3-ladies-toastingWith an independent luxury home, you can have your own kitchen, dining, and living spaces, which you do not always have with typical senior living. Even the smallest floor plans at Edgemere feature one bedroom, a private bathroom, a kitchen, and ample living and storage space. All of Edgemere's spaces for independent living feature an outdoor balcony too so that you can have a personal outdoor area.

Elevated Dining Options

At a luxury senior community, you can find sit-down restaurants and cafes offering fine dining options, which you do not always see at other communities. At Edgemere, residents have the option of dining casually at the Portabella Bistro or making reservations for the Medici restaurant.

While fine dining can certainly make a community feel luxurious, the nutritional value of the food is equally important. Luxury senior communities tend to offer a lot of healthy menu options, making it easy for residents to eat well and feel more energized.

Fit Lifestyles

Along with great dining options, luxury independent living communities tend to offer a lot more fitness and wellness amenities than other communities. This means that they may have a gym, pool, and/or wellness center for exercise that all residents are welcome to use.

At Edgemere, residents not only have access to a pool and fitness center, but they may also attend exercise classes daily. These class offerings not only help promote physical activity, helping residents remain healthier, but they give residents a chance to stay socially active in their community as well.

Premium Amenities

While average independent living communities may only offer living spaces, luxury communities go further and offer quality amenities for residents. These amenities may include community-wide activities, including educational classes, that promote the mental well-being of residents, or they may be enrichment areas like gardens and movie theaters.

At Edgemere, amenities abound for residents. Independent living residents have access to lush outdoor spaces with gardens, a salon and spa with trained stylists, and a movie theater with cinema-style seating. Other popular amenities that residents enjoy include an art studio, a performing arts center, a private dining room and wine grotto, a business center, a library, a putting green, and a billiard room.

If you or your loved one is looking for an independent living community to call home, look no further than Edgemere in Dallas. Currently ranked as the number one community for senior living in Texas and the number two community for senior living in the U.S., Edgemere is a premium luxury destination. At Edgemere, independent adults can stay active and healthy with our fitness and dining options, enjoy their retirement with our amenities, and feel safe with on-site medical assistance.