Move with Ease

Edgemere cordially invites you to
Move with Ease.
Solutions to make RIGHTSIZING work for you. 
Rightsizing is more than a mere change of address; it empowers you to focus on your true values and needs. Embrace the advantages of a more manageable residence, maintenance-free living and decluttering your possessions. Rightsizing also offers the liberation of financial and social burdens. This newfound freedom allows you to travel more, discover new hobbies and invest quality time with your family and friends.
Join us as senior living rightsizing expert shares:

1. How to begin the process of sorting, organizing and downsizing.
2. Planning your space.
3. The positive impact downsizing has on your finances.
Meet the Speaker
Lori Olson
Director of Marketing, SMM-C
Lori’s ability to listen and ask the right questions to solve problems is a quality that is rare in today’s world. She has a heart for service and brings over 25 years of marketing and organizational skills to Senior Moving Company. As a graduate of Texas Lutheran University, she has a soft spot for the beauty and people of Texas.